Health insurers have until mid-November to announce the health insurance premium for 2019. In the coming weeks we will closely follow the announcement of the health insurance premiums in this blog. As soon as we have checked the premium, we add it to our healthcare premium comparison. In this way you are also assured of the lowest healthcare premium in 2019.

Various healthcare premiums

Various healthcare premiums

This weekend, various major health insurance companies announced their healthcare premium for 2019.  We have introduced this in the health insurance premium comparison.

It is striking that especially the ‘budget’ health insurers wait until the last minute to announce the Health Care premiums for 2019. In this way they want to be assured of the lowest premium.

National Netherlands healthcare premium increases by 7.5%


The premium for the basic insurance of Nationale Nederlanden will be € 128.60 next year. This is an increase of 7.5% compared to this year, or around 9 euros.

Healthcare premiums are moving fast today. The next one to announce the premium is OHRA. The insurer sets the premium at 116.30 euros. An increase of 7.7%.

DSW is the first to announce the healthcare premium

DSW is the first to announce the healthcare premium

DSW is traditionally the first health insurer to announce the health insurance premium. This is also the case for 2019. The DSW basic insurance premium will be € 112 next year. This is a premium increase of € 4.50 compared to this year.

The DSW health insurance premium is therefore rising less rapidly than the Cabinet expects.

The government takes into account the increase in health insurance premiums in 2019


The Cabinet also expects an increase in health insurance premiums in 2019. In the Budget Memorandum on Prinsjes, an average premium increase of € 119 is taken into account. The health insurance policy will become around ten per month more expensive next year.

The Cabinet uses this expectation, among other things, to determine the healthcare allowance for 2019. The increase in health insurance premiums is also offset by an increase in health insurance allowance

The aforementioned increase in premiums from the Cabinet is an estimate. Ultimately, it is the health insurers that determine the premium.

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